Tuesday, April 29, 2014

St. Louis Zoo - The Best Smelling Zoo

I've visited the St. Louis Zoo more times than I can count.

But, lately, I have been coming to my senses about some of the things I used to associate with the St. Louis Zoo.

First of all: the smell.
I've always loved the smell of the Zoo.
When I was younger, I just thought it was the mulch.
But no. It's the animals.
I still love it.

And second: the train.
The St. Louis Zoo offers a train ride that takes you around the Zoo, and past multiple attractions.
And like any other railroad, they perform a brake check before heading down a steep grade.
You see, I've never sat in the very front of the train, so I've never seen the actual check going on.
And when I was younger, my friend's dad told me a chicken always sat on top of the tracks, so they had a shoo it away.

I've believed this since last year.
It was truly a heartbreaking revelation.

But, despite my realizations, I still always have a wonderful time at the Zoo.

Score! Another birthday cake.

Yes, I flinched. Wouldn't you?!
Exhibit A.

I may have knocked over a toddler and an older lady to get this picture.

The largest rodent.

You know, for being one of the enemies of the Lion King, this guy is pretty cute.

I'd like to do that.

The nacho cheese tasted like movie theater popcorn.
So, it wasn't even cheese.
Just cheese-flavored oil.

My all-time favorite statue.

Bored on the train.

My favorite animal: naked mole rats.
Judge me if you want.


As usual - I'm confused.

Roaming chickens really do make me anxious. 

No poo flinging today.
Only cuteness.

Sorry, sir.
I'll just be leaving...

Very appropriately, my carousal animal.

A new method to carry your children.

The Somali Wild Ass.
OF COURSE I took the opportunity.

Possibly the lightest slushy known to mankind.

This guy terrorized me as a child.

Vicious, yet cuddly-looking.

I really just wanted to hug it.


And lastly - the (not really) famous St. Louis Zoo statue.
It's famous to me.

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