Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Day I Tasted Heaven

I've eaten a lot of good things before.

But nothing like this.

Like seriously, can you imagine an APPLE CIDER DONUT?!

Hello, gorgeous.

I mean, just let that sink in.

Oh - I should probably mention that I was here to pick apples, not to eat a donut.
But let me tell you - I knew about these donuts before I chose to come here for the apples.

I got distracted again...

For a person who's severely allergic to cats, I want this one REALLY BAD.

Do you think Gertrude will be a good name?

This was the day I realized that goats are not cute nor kind at all.
Once the apple picking had begun, it only felt obligatory to take a tunnel vision - esque photo. 
 Because what's better when you're in an enclosed area surrounded by apple trees?


Guys, I found the pumpkin graveyard!

Also: pretty clouds!

This is the only thing resembling a mountain in Missouri, my friends.
Oh, how I long for Colorado...

All in all, I'd say it was a very successful day.

Good day! Good day! Good day! Good day!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

30 Thoughts I've Had the First Quarter of my Freshman Year

So. Many. Choices/Regrets.

1. What am I even doing?
2. Wait, what's my locker combination again?
3. Great, I'm going to need help from the secretary with this. Again.
4. That poor woman probably hates me by now.
5. Does asking a question constitute as talking during 'quiet time?'
6. What even is 'quiet time?'
7. Seniors are really scary.
8. Nah, only some of them.
9. Should I join the dance team? 
10. Of course I should join the dance team. I WILL RUN THIS TOWN.
11. I love dance team!
12. I hate dance team.
13. Are crunches even a cool thing anymore?
14. I hate overly flirtatious girls with a burning passion.
15. Am I one of those girls?
16. Does one seriously need a homecoming date as a 14 year old?
17. Mary, your locker neighbor is very kind to you and you need to apologize profusely to her for accidentally shutting her locker that one time.
18. Football games are slightly terrifying.
19. Do my teachers think I'm funny or just mentally impaired?
20. Do people take pity in me because I was homeschooled?
21. Do I need to make a hit list?
22. Is a class ring something I should be looking into?
23. Contrary to popular thought, I'm horrible at writing essays.
24. What even is a thesis statement?
25. Who needs a thesis statement anyways?
26. Man, I'm friends with, like, everyone now.
27. Thank God for dress codes.
28. There are some pretty messed up relationships around here.
29. Wait, what am I doing walking into homecoming?
30. I still don't know what I'm doing.