Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Day I Tasted Heaven

I've eaten a lot of good things before.

But nothing like this.

Like seriously, can you imagine an APPLE CIDER DONUT?!

Hello, gorgeous.

I mean, just let that sink in.

Oh - I should probably mention that I was here to pick apples, not to eat a donut.
But let me tell you - I knew about these donuts before I chose to come here for the apples.

I got distracted again...

For a person who's severely allergic to cats, I want this one REALLY BAD.

Do you think Gertrude will be a good name?

This was the day I realized that goats are not cute nor kind at all.
Once the apple picking had begun, it only felt obligatory to take a tunnel vision - esque photo. 
 Because what's better when you're in an enclosed area surrounded by apple trees?


Guys, I found the pumpkin graveyard!

Also: pretty clouds!

This is the only thing resembling a mountain in Missouri, my friends.
Oh, how I long for Colorado...

All in all, I'd say it was a very successful day.

Good day! Good day! Good day! Good day!

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