Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Marvelous Miss Mary's 2014 Blog Recap (in Photos!)

So, my friends:
After going (over) a month without making a blog post, I decided to kind of make it up to you by loosely recapping what this past year's been like.

Enjoy as much as humanly possible!

I hosted a kick-butt tea party for small children in February with my bestest friend:
Ring Pops and Little Debbies.... ooooooo

I spent a good portion of my spring break wallowing in self-pity, but another portion I spent frolicking around my beloved city of St. Louis: 
Much wow. Such professional-looking.

I got to pet(?) stingrays! And was flinching!

This was taken on the day when I decided that naked mole rats were my favorite animal.

I visited my very favorite college town, University of Missouri in Columbia.

I found the most beautiful rug at a local flea market.

I made my own mac n' cheese!
In other news, shredded cheese is extremely hard to melt.

Purple cookie cake!
Made by yours truly.

 I took a trip to Colorado Springs, CO and experienced many emotions:
This was only kind of terrifying.

This made me feel distinguished - I could successfully tell a cow from a bear .

To the top of Pike's Peak!

It's the peak!

Sometimes, when you're out in the "wilderness", you feel as if a bear might attack you at any second.

"Awwwww momma look how cute it is! Can I go in and pet it?"
"Do you want to go home decapitated?"
(The conversation that happened every 10 minutes while at the Wolf Sanctuary)

In the fall, I did the usual activities: 
Went apple picking, but the only worthy thing that came out of it was this adorable kitten that I almost stuffed into my camera bag. *sigh* If only I wasn't allergic...

I validated myself as I normal human being and went to Homecoming (!!!!)

See? Proof that I, Mary, have friends.

Tailgating at Mizzou!
Activities include: egg making and walking (loitering) around Greek Town.

Cue the collective ooooh's and ahhhhhh's!

Being a carrot for Halloween seemed like the only right idea.

Random tidbit: Loretta (the cat that hates me) stayed over a few times. 

Personal favorite.
May or may not have been my phone's wallpaper for a good amount of time.

I also (forcefully) made myself the foster mother of a few rabbits.
 I think this was the most terrifying event of 2014:
The One Direction concert (thanks, Gpa for tickets!): 
So many screaming teenage girls. Such thin eardrums.

The aftermath.

Well, I'd say it's been quite the year, folks!
Any normal blogger would say it's their 2015 resolution to post more, but I'm not going to, since I don't need your validation through a computer screen. (Just kidding, I really enjoy your interwebz presence).

Have a happy and healthy and "embrace whatever comes your way" 2015, fwendz.

Friday, November 14, 2014

College Lovin'

Long time no see!

I guess apologizing for not making a post in a while isn't really in order, because this is my blog and there's really no schedule. 


Anyways, during my time of MIA in the Internet realm, I took two trips over to the good ol' town of Columbia, Missouri.

Of course, what's inside the town is much better than the outskirts. Just ignore the trashy corner marts. And Kingdom City. Stay far away from that (except for the fudge).

Jesse Hall, looking as prestigious as ever.

The Columns!

More Columns!
See also: fancy lens flare

Ooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh.

Little known fact: this is one of the best ways to creep on people. 
Foam tiger paws are the best-est.

"I've never gotten a shot from this side!"
-me, worked up in a frenzy from the pure excitement of a new perspective on the Columns.

After loitering around campus for a bit, we decided it was best to stop creepin' around Greek Town and go the the football game.

Coordinated stripes!
We can do this because our stadium is an intimate setting.

It's my goal to drum this.

See the man in the green shirt?
That's Tom, and he's been the field attendant (?) for all the years we've had our seats.
Oh man, I love Tom so much.
He let us on the field when it was advised against, and is always smiling.
I've never talked to Tom, we've just communicated through nods of respects and smiles.
And Tom - if you're reading this - God bless you.

Role model for ever.

Obligatory panorama shot.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Day I Tasted Heaven

I've eaten a lot of good things before.

But nothing like this.

Like seriously, can you imagine an APPLE CIDER DONUT?!

Hello, gorgeous.

I mean, just let that sink in.

Oh - I should probably mention that I was here to pick apples, not to eat a donut.
But let me tell you - I knew about these donuts before I chose to come here for the apples.

I got distracted again...

For a person who's severely allergic to cats, I want this one REALLY BAD.

Do you think Gertrude will be a good name?

This was the day I realized that goats are not cute nor kind at all.
Once the apple picking had begun, it only felt obligatory to take a tunnel vision - esque photo. 
 Because what's better when you're in an enclosed area surrounded by apple trees?


Guys, I found the pumpkin graveyard!

Also: pretty clouds!

This is the only thing resembling a mountain in Missouri, my friends.
Oh, how I long for Colorado...

All in all, I'd say it was a very successful day.

Good day! Good day! Good day! Good day!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

30 Thoughts I've Had the First Quarter of my Freshman Year

So. Many. Choices/Regrets.

1. What am I even doing?
2. Wait, what's my locker combination again?
3. Great, I'm going to need help from the secretary with this. Again.
4. That poor woman probably hates me by now.
5. Does asking a question constitute as talking during 'quiet time?'
6. What even is 'quiet time?'
7. Seniors are really scary.
8. Nah, only some of them.
9. Should I join the dance team? 
10. Of course I should join the dance team. I WILL RUN THIS TOWN.
11. I love dance team!
12. I hate dance team.
13. Are crunches even a cool thing anymore?
14. I hate overly flirtatious girls with a burning passion.
15. Am I one of those girls?
16. Does one seriously need a homecoming date as a 14 year old?
17. Mary, your locker neighbor is very kind to you and you need to apologize profusely to her for accidentally shutting her locker that one time.
18. Football games are slightly terrifying.
19. Do my teachers think I'm funny or just mentally impaired?
20. Do people take pity in me because I was homeschooled?
21. Do I need to make a hit list?
22. Is a class ring something I should be looking into?
23. Contrary to popular thought, I'm horrible at writing essays.
24. What even is a thesis statement?
25. Who needs a thesis statement anyways?
26. Man, I'm friends with, like, everyone now.
27. Thank God for dress codes.
28. There are some pretty messed up relationships around here.
29. Wait, what am I doing walking into homecoming?
30. I still don't know what I'm doing.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Colorado in Remainder

You seriously have no idea how many times I've drafted this post and accidentally DELETED IT.

Hint: the answer is four. FOUR.

Alright, these are the pictures that weren't good enough to be put in their actual categories but now I've decided serve some sort of importance to me.

Just kidding, pictures, you're good enough.

Only pretty when there isn't any life-threatening storms heading your way.

Mountains early in the morning.
This was taken the first morning, because it was too cloudy to see the mountains when we first arrived the night before.

Man, I've wanted to take this picture for a while.
Not mentioned in warning packet for these kind of shots: vertigo.

The small town of Cripple Creek, CO.
Population: 1,183
Casino count: 14

At the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, where I really realized how terrifying being 1,000ft underground was.

Waiting to go up Pike's Peak.

My friend the Big Horn Sheep, who was looking kind of naked that day.

Summit of Pike's Peak, where I was scared that I would accidentally walk off the mountain.

Garden of the Gods.
Like who am I, a professional photographer or something?

Inbetween two very large and very terrifying rocks, where I feared I would get stuck.

This is the result of following a very nice man with a very large camera.

No caption needed.

The Three Graces, where I think I was afraid of getting stuck?
There are consequences to procrastinating making blog posts, kids.

I'll call it the "Great Spread".
Like butter, but like, waaaayyy better.

The Kissing Camels.
I think they look more like alpacas.

Obligatory artsy hike picture.

No, this isn't straight off Pinterest.
YES, this is real life.

Sometimes, it's really scary to hike in this.
Because, you know, BEARS AND STUFF.
 Later that day, we went to a wolf sanctuary, where all the wolves there had been rescued from horrible situations and brought here for eternal cuddles and meat.

It's so cute but so dangerous at the same time.


Do you think a tiny fox is something that could be put on a Christmas list?