Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Marvelous Miss Mary's 2014 Blog Recap (in Photos!)

So, my friends:
After going (over) a month without making a blog post, I decided to kind of make it up to you by loosely recapping what this past year's been like.

Enjoy as much as humanly possible!

I hosted a kick-butt tea party for small children in February with my bestest friend:
Ring Pops and Little Debbies.... ooooooo

I spent a good portion of my spring break wallowing in self-pity, but another portion I spent frolicking around my beloved city of St. Louis: 
Much wow. Such professional-looking.

I got to pet(?) stingrays! And was flinching!

This was taken on the day when I decided that naked mole rats were my favorite animal.

I visited my very favorite college town, University of Missouri in Columbia.

I found the most beautiful rug at a local flea market.

I made my own mac n' cheese!
In other news, shredded cheese is extremely hard to melt.

Purple cookie cake!
Made by yours truly.

 I took a trip to Colorado Springs, CO and experienced many emotions:
This was only kind of terrifying.

This made me feel distinguished - I could successfully tell a cow from a bear .

To the top of Pike's Peak!

It's the peak!

Sometimes, when you're out in the "wilderness", you feel as if a bear might attack you at any second.

"Awwwww momma look how cute it is! Can I go in and pet it?"
"Do you want to go home decapitated?"
(The conversation that happened every 10 minutes while at the Wolf Sanctuary)

In the fall, I did the usual activities: 
Went apple picking, but the only worthy thing that came out of it was this adorable kitten that I almost stuffed into my camera bag. *sigh* If only I wasn't allergic...

I validated myself as I normal human being and went to Homecoming (!!!!)

See? Proof that I, Mary, have friends.

Tailgating at Mizzou!
Activities include: egg making and walking (loitering) around Greek Town.

Cue the collective ooooh's and ahhhhhh's!

Being a carrot for Halloween seemed like the only right idea.

Random tidbit: Loretta (the cat that hates me) stayed over a few times. 

Personal favorite.
May or may not have been my phone's wallpaper for a good amount of time.

I also (forcefully) made myself the foster mother of a few rabbits.
 I think this was the most terrifying event of 2014:
The One Direction concert (thanks, Gpa for tickets!): 
So many screaming teenage girls. Such thin eardrums.

The aftermath.

Well, I'd say it's been quite the year, folks!
Any normal blogger would say it's their 2015 resolution to post more, but I'm not going to, since I don't need your validation through a computer screen. (Just kidding, I really enjoy your interwebz presence).

Have a happy and healthy and "embrace whatever comes your way" 2015, fwendz.