Sunday, September 7, 2014

Colorado in Remainder

You seriously have no idea how many times I've drafted this post and accidentally DELETED IT.

Hint: the answer is four. FOUR.

Alright, these are the pictures that weren't good enough to be put in their actual categories but now I've decided serve some sort of importance to me.

Just kidding, pictures, you're good enough.

Only pretty when there isn't any life-threatening storms heading your way.

Mountains early in the morning.
This was taken the first morning, because it was too cloudy to see the mountains when we first arrived the night before.

Man, I've wanted to take this picture for a while.
Not mentioned in warning packet for these kind of shots: vertigo.

The small town of Cripple Creek, CO.
Population: 1,183
Casino count: 14

At the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, where I really realized how terrifying being 1,000ft underground was.

Waiting to go up Pike's Peak.

My friend the Big Horn Sheep, who was looking kind of naked that day.

Summit of Pike's Peak, where I was scared that I would accidentally walk off the mountain.

Garden of the Gods.
Like who am I, a professional photographer or something?

Inbetween two very large and very terrifying rocks, where I feared I would get stuck.

This is the result of following a very nice man with a very large camera.

No caption needed.

The Three Graces, where I think I was afraid of getting stuck?
There are consequences to procrastinating making blog posts, kids.

I'll call it the "Great Spread".
Like butter, but like, waaaayyy better.

The Kissing Camels.
I think they look more like alpacas.

Obligatory artsy hike picture.

No, this isn't straight off Pinterest.
YES, this is real life.

Sometimes, it's really scary to hike in this.
Because, you know, BEARS AND STUFF.
 Later that day, we went to a wolf sanctuary, where all the wolves there had been rescued from horrible situations and brought here for eternal cuddles and meat.

It's so cute but so dangerous at the same time.


Do you think a tiny fox is something that could be put on a Christmas list?