Friday, November 14, 2014

College Lovin'

Long time no see!

I guess apologizing for not making a post in a while isn't really in order, because this is my blog and there's really no schedule. 


Anyways, during my time of MIA in the Internet realm, I took two trips over to the good ol' town of Columbia, Missouri.

Of course, what's inside the town is much better than the outskirts. Just ignore the trashy corner marts. And Kingdom City. Stay far away from that (except for the fudge).

Jesse Hall, looking as prestigious as ever.

The Columns!

More Columns!
See also: fancy lens flare

Ooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh.

Little known fact: this is one of the best ways to creep on people. 
Foam tiger paws are the best-est.

"I've never gotten a shot from this side!"
-me, worked up in a frenzy from the pure excitement of a new perspective on the Columns.

After loitering around campus for a bit, we decided it was best to stop creepin' around Greek Town and go the the football game.

Coordinated stripes!
We can do this because our stadium is an intimate setting.

It's my goal to drum this.

See the man in the green shirt?
That's Tom, and he's been the field attendant (?) for all the years we've had our seats.
Oh man, I love Tom so much.
He let us on the field when it was advised against, and is always smiling.
I've never talked to Tom, we've just communicated through nods of respects and smiles.
And Tom - if you're reading this - God bless you.

Role model for ever.

Obligatory panorama shot.