Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Past Few Weeks In Photos

 Oh hey there!
Would you like to see what I've been doing for the past few weeks (months)?

Of course you would!
(I advise you to run away quickly).

Main Street St. Charles, MO
Sadly, not real cat pee - or is it just pineapple/orange flavored cat pee?

Storm coming in a few weeks ago, which moved VERY QUICKLY and was VERY LOUD.

So, I somehow got myself into a One Direction concert.
Very loud. All the teenage girls from the St. Louis area attended.

Walking into the Edward Jones Dome, where a concert hasn't been held in 13 years.

A pano of the calm before the storm.
Also: a derping/warped Hannah.

This very smart man put these in his ears.

Opening act Jamie Scott, who is a very good singer and a very attractive man, but allegedly married. 

Not kidding here - one of my first selfies.
Not one of Hannah's firsts.
Clearly, she is a professional and I am a scared rookie.

The long-haired monkey-like man (sorry - Harry Styles) really getting into it.
I mean really. That's a common pose throughout the concert.

They're in the blob!


Laser beams!
We are in the Matrix!

After the concert and the pyros.

Went to a Cardinals vs. Cubs makeup game today, and decided to try and become a really interesting photographer.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.
I think I'm starting to like panoramas now?

You can't see, but we lost.

You usually can't see what's in the photograph.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The United States Air Force Academy - Colorado Springs, CO

I'm back, ya hooligans!

This was probably one of my favorite places of our trip - and not because of their extensive gift shop.

There really isn't *too* much to tour there just as a visitor, so we decided to take a "hike" and see the Cadet Chapel.

You know, it probably looks 78% shinier on sunny days.

The interior is absolutely stunning - lots of blue.
I sense a color scheme.

It kind of gives you vertigo if you look at it too long...

Back of the chapel, where the organ and choir seating are.

Outside of the chapel.
This is where some of the cadets' dorms are.


This really just bugged me.
They probably could've leveled it out, right?

Are we kind of on a mountain, or at the edge of the world?!
Also, in the corner, you can see the fountains, where graduating cadets jump in.

I slipped/tripped right after taking this picture.
I'm fine, thanks for asking.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs, CO

 You know what the average person expects when they walk into the Olympic Training Center?

Maybe Michael Phelps just straight up chilling in the lobby?
Shawn Johnson doing buying her own merchandise in the gift shop?

Oh! I know! Definitely not a Fathead of a 3/4 naked Ryan Lochte for sale!
P.S. - sorry I didn't get a picture, I totally forgot. Or maybe I was too uncomfortable to stand within 20 feet of it?

Anywho, I went to the Olympic Training Center! It's where dreams come true and not where women's gymnastics trains! *sad Mary*

First, the nice tour guide woman led us over to the shooting center.

She just looks very, very repressed.

I'd like to win a crown. But the real question is: how does one balance it on its head?
Another question: is it even a crown?

I don't really know if I'm capable of such things.

Smells like sweat and VICTORY!
Also: like, 80 degrees.

This should've been the header. *sigh*

Pretty gym that we weren't allowed in.

Believe me, I would've enjoyed breathing the same air Michael Phelps has.
But, again - weren't allowed in.
(For a good reason though! People were training).

New gym! 

Can you see the unlit torch in the corner?

Yay Olympics!
I'm told all the non-Olympians are referred to the 'team behind the team'. Or maybe, just, too lazy to leave her chair and go for a jog?

We'll figure it out eventually.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Top of Pike's Peak (And the Way Up)

Hello there my little muffin-birds!
(Can that be taken in a good way?)

This begins the first of many posts from Colorado, so I decided to kick it off with a good one.

Would this qualify as a gem of a photo?

Deteriorated log cabin count: 1

On a 1.5 hour train ride, you resort to taking dicey pictures.
Also: developing your bladder of steel.

This *may* or *may not* be Pike's Peak.
I seriously have no idea.

A view coined 'Inspiration Point' by the woman who wrote the song America the Beautiful.

Alright, this next one needs a preface:
about halfway up the mountain, the train took a stop to change the switches on the track.
A woman sitting near me spotted a black blob, and screamed "A bear! Oh my Lord, it's a bear! Sweet glory!" (may be a bit exaggerated...) Of course, everyone on the train was losing their minds, because God knows they've never seen a bear before. So, as a person who enjoys crushing people's joy on a daily basis, I zoomed in.

Not a bear.
Hello, cow.

Hello, creepy creatures of the mountains.

Hi again cow!

A mining district.

The closer we got to the top, the more limited the views got.

Eventually, this was all anyone could see.

As soon as we got off the train, it started to hail.

It kind of looks like the end of the world.

The summit of Pike's Peak.
Location: the middle of the parking lot.

The Pike's Peak Highway, which was closed for a brief moment in time while we were at the top, on account of the weather.

The incline on the way down.
 Yay Pike's Peak!
Now excuse me while I go stuff my face with onion rings and ice cream.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Past Few Weeks

Hello internet kinda-friends!
(I mean, you read my blog - so we're on that level, right?)

I've just returned from a trip to Colorado (where many blog posts have been photographed) and while I'm still recovering from vacation hangover, (aka: too lazy to sort through photos?) here's what's join' on!

First pee break in Kansas: that's about right.

I never thought I would hear such great news during a meal.
(The sign says promotion, but his eyes say help).

My view from lunch.

I really have no recollection of taking this, but why don't we throw it in here, eh?

Beautiful, beautiful Kansas
*forces smile*

(Because they're actually really huge).

See? I told you.


My view the first morning. I could get used to it.

My view the first night.
Whatta hottie.

Could one call this a "sneak peak from Pike's Peak"?

Stay tuned for more coolness to come!