Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Past Few Weeks In Photos

 Oh hey there!
Would you like to see what I've been doing for the past few weeks (months)?

Of course you would!
(I advise you to run away quickly).

Main Street St. Charles, MO
Sadly, not real cat pee - or is it just pineapple/orange flavored cat pee?

Storm coming in a few weeks ago, which moved VERY QUICKLY and was VERY LOUD.

So, I somehow got myself into a One Direction concert.
Very loud. All the teenage girls from the St. Louis area attended.

Walking into the Edward Jones Dome, where a concert hasn't been held in 13 years.

A pano of the calm before the storm.
Also: a derping/warped Hannah.

This very smart man put these in his ears.

Opening act Jamie Scott, who is a very good singer and a very attractive man, but allegedly married. 

Not kidding here - one of my first selfies.
Not one of Hannah's firsts.
Clearly, she is a professional and I am a scared rookie.

The long-haired monkey-like man (sorry - Harry Styles) really getting into it.
I mean really. That's a common pose throughout the concert.

They're in the blob!


Laser beams!
We are in the Matrix!

After the concert and the pyros.

Went to a Cardinals vs. Cubs makeup game today, and decided to try and become a really interesting photographer.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.
I think I'm starting to like panoramas now?

You can't see, but we lost.

You usually can't see what's in the photograph.

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