Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs, CO

 You know what the average person expects when they walk into the Olympic Training Center?

Maybe Michael Phelps just straight up chilling in the lobby?
Shawn Johnson doing buying her own merchandise in the gift shop?

Oh! I know! Definitely not a Fathead of a 3/4 naked Ryan Lochte for sale!
P.S. - sorry I didn't get a picture, I totally forgot. Or maybe I was too uncomfortable to stand within 20 feet of it?

Anywho, I went to the Olympic Training Center! It's where dreams come true and not where women's gymnastics trains! *sad Mary*

First, the nice tour guide woman led us over to the shooting center.

She just looks very, very repressed.

I'd like to win a crown. But the real question is: how does one balance it on its head?
Another question: is it even a crown?

I don't really know if I'm capable of such things.

Smells like sweat and VICTORY!
Also: like, 80 degrees.

This should've been the header. *sigh*

Pretty gym that we weren't allowed in.

Believe me, I would've enjoyed breathing the same air Michael Phelps has.
But, again - weren't allowed in.
(For a good reason though! People were training).

New gym! 

Can you see the unlit torch in the corner?

Yay Olympics!
I'm told all the non-Olympians are referred to the 'team behind the team'. Or maybe, just, too lazy to leave her chair and go for a jog?

We'll figure it out eventually.

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