Saturday, April 26, 2014

Laumeier Sculpture Park - The Treasury of Smells + Huts With No Names

I took a trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park the other day, and I really am confused at what exactly the definition of art is.

I feel like a war could've been fought in this fort.

Welcome to my humble abode.
Just kidding.
I'm renting it for 5 minutes.

I can only wish that we were there the one hour the cameras were not on.

I'm the real Godzilla. 

We're all tree huggers around here.

A pool abandoned in the 30's.
Think of all the bodies that were in there.


Cromlech Glen.


I found my new favorite plant that day.

I felt like something was watching me that day.
*ba dum tiss*

Made out of repurposed oil tanks.
It said no climbing.
My day was ruined.

Need a fence?

I really liked this hut, but I couldn't find its name.
I was very sad.

There's a solicitor at my door.
Excuse my while I hide.

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