Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The St. Louis Arch + The Westward Expansion Museum

Living in the city of St. Louis for my whole life, I have only been to the St. Louis Arch twice.

The first time, on a third grade field trip, where I leaned against the arch and ruined my favorite jacket.

And yesterday, where during the 30 minute wait to ride up the arch, I kind of panicked.

And for the Westward Expansion Museum, it's pretty cool.
It also smells like the airport.

What a welcome.

You know, I got pretty bored waiting for our pod to take us up.

I said "yo, look at me!" to the robot/wax figure.
This happened.
I screamed. 

These apples weren't even real.

It took all my willpower not to pull this, in fear it would shut down the whole Arch.
I pulled it.

Going up, and panicking.

Looking down, and feeling faint.

Finally at the top!
This is a shot of Busch Stadium, where the St. Louis Cardinals play.

This is where the Arch started to sway.
It has a tendency to do that.

The Old Courthouse.
I've been inside there before.
You know, for a field trip...

The St. Louis Arch is also a great place to take pictures of people.
This must be what a bird feels like.

What a pretty city.

So pretty.

These were everywhere.
I started to wonder if they had any significance.
So, I took a picture just in case.

This thing is huge.
If you want to read more on the building of the arch, here ya go, reader.

I hate steps.
But they were kinda worth it.

As you can observe here, I'm having a great time.

If you're at the right angle, you get really freaked out and you'll be convinced the Arch will collapse on you.

This is how this structure is held together.

I was looking out those windows. 

I think we all need one more zing for good measure.

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St. Louis Arch
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