Monday, May 5, 2014

Rock Bridge Memorial Park - A Hike Through the Mud (Ugh).

Oh, hey there.

Have you ever trudged through the mud so much that you start to enjoy it?
It happened.

Also, I found some trees that needed some privacy.

I was there. It was cool.


More eeks.

My brother just does not know how to pose for pictures.
Also, my sister is Spiderman.
Then there's me.

These things were everywhere.

I tripped.
Like twice.

Let it be known that right after I took this, two bats flew right by my head.

I didn't go back there.
Are you surprised?

How lush.

Let's all thank God that my dad didn't drop the camera.

Mmmmmm, mud.

Rinsing off.

Those trees.
Oh, sorry, I'll leave you guys alone.

This was taken right before I thought I was going to die from exhaustion.
The parking lot was right around the corner.

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