Wednesday, May 28, 2014

(Good) Excuses + Cringeworthy Walks in the Park

So, instead of making more blog posts, I've spent all my time buying throw pillows, eating banana gelato, and designing every single possible house I could ever own on the Internet.

Also, this: 
My "excuse".Not really.

Another thing - I have a story.

The other day, I was taking a walk in the park, listening to music and trying not to make eye contact with the people I pass by.

And a song came on (Mr. Brightside) as I was about to pass another person.

Before I continue, we need to add a backstory.
In the fifth grade, I participated in the school's talent show (everything was horrible).
Two boys in my class chose to sing Mr. Brightside, and my dad loved it (of course), and we downloaded the song.

So today, while meandering through the park by my neighborhood, I could SWEAR I saw him.
It ended up not being him, but that got me thinking what I would do in the instance that is was him.

Of course, he wouldn't recognize me, but God knows what I would say if he did.

"Oh, I'm not dead! I'm actually just homeschooled and like to creep on you and my other former classmates in my free time and this will most likely end up on my blog."
I'm convinced all my old friends from school think I died.

Whew. Close call.

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