Sunday, September 8, 2013


Hello, and welcome. I should probably introduce myself....

Well, my name is Mary. I created this blog as a place where I can share my fashion advice, tips, and tricks. Ever since I was little, I've loved dressing up and picking out clothes. Now, I'm still young, but I would love to have a career in fashion or cosmetics someday. A girl can only dream, right? (EDIT: Who am I kidding?! I hate fashion).

So, I'm going to post on here every so often. I've always wanted to have a blog where I can share with a small group of people my thoughts.

If you're ever interested, you can go check out my Polyvore. If you don't know what that is, Polyvore is a website where you can piece together outfits and share them with people. It's sort of like a blog, but less 'talky'. (If you even get what I mean) My username is @marymoulin.

Oh, and above? That's a little picture of me. Don't worry, I don't smile like that in real life. Once I get the hang of this website, I'll probably put up a more 'attractive' profile pic. For now, just deal with this one. 

Okay, that's all of my introduction to you all. If you're feeling adventurous, would you pretty please press that follow button? It would totally make my day.

I'll talk to you all later with a new blog post. xoxo

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