Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Puffiest Puff Balls You'll Ever See

Hello friends!

Today I bring to you a craft project I've been wanting to do for a while now, but you know... procrastination.

    WHAT YOU'LL NEED (let's face it - you WANT it)
❄︎ tissue paper (10-12 pieces) ❄︎
❄︎ floral wire (or pipe cleaners) ❄︎
❄︎ clear string (I used fishing line) ❄︎


First of all, grab all your pieces of tissue paper and stack them on top of each, with the corners nice and even.

Start to execute the accordion fold (you make call it a fan fold - but that doesn't sound as cool) .
Basically fold all your pieces of tissue paper together to make a fold. Then, flip the whole thing over and fold the other way. Repeat until it's all folded up.

Then, you'll want to cut the two shorter edges to a triangular point. This just makes the finished product look nice and fluffy.

You might have to cut in layers, since you have so much paper.

You want it to at least a bit like this. This is also the time when I decided it may be a good time to start taking pictures.

Retrieve your floral wire or pipe cleaner. I was an idiot and ignored the fact that this project required such things as floral wire, so I had to scrape together my pipe cleaners.

Put the pipe cleaner in the center of your folded-ness.

Then you'll want to twist it...

And for good measure, why don't we loop it? If there is any excess pipe cleaner, wrap it around the bottom of the loop.

When this is completed, cut your desired amount of clear string and put it through your loop. Tie a knot, and shabang, a hanging device!

Now is the time where your accordion skills come into play. Fan out the two sides of your tissue paper.

Commence the separating and fluffing!
Disclaimer: if your tissue paper somehow rips in this process, I WARNED YOU.

In the end, I hope your puff ball turns out something like this. I really do.

Cuddos to this blog for teaching me how to do this awesome project!

Love Always, Mary ♡

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