Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Valentine's Day Tea Party

Good hello, everyone!
Today, I hosted one of my absolute favorite things in life - a tea party.

We taught little girls tea party etiquette, ate tiny heart-shaped sandwiches, and devoured chocolate covered strawberries.

Here are some pictures of the event...

The final product.
I attempted to take an arty fartsy shot...
The punch. (also - my friend in the background. She was taking pics for her blog as well).
A poster to teach the girls table etiquette.
(made by me)
Remember those puff balls?
There's that friend...
At the end the girls decided a dance party was to be had. We all throughly enjoyed it.

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Oh - I also discovered the secret to happiness - throw a tea party for small children.

Visit that friend's {blog}! Show her some love!
By the way, her name is Anna.

Love always, Mary ♡

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