Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun With Burlap? Nah.

 Hello everyone!
A few days ago, I discovered how sophisticated burlap looks through my eyes.

So obviously, I bought a ton of it and tried to fill up an afternoon.

In short, it didn't go as planned.
But before I get into that, let me explain...

I set off wanting to make a bow from burlap, and to glue it onto a jar.

To do this, you'll need:
- burlap -
- a ruler - 
- hot glue gun -
- scissors - 
- a mason jar -

First off, cut a piece of burlap to be 12x5 inches.

Then, cut another piece to be 6x1.5 inches.

Of course, I didn't do exact measurements because I was too lazy to adjust the length of my burlap.
If you want this project to succeed, however, you might want to follow the measurements.

Take your larger piece of burlap and fold both ends in half. Make sure they overlap a bit, and hot glue  them in place.

With your smaller piece, fold that in half horizontally and glue it down. Then, you'll need to fold and glue it a few more times.
Contrary to popular belief, hot gluing burlap is not fun. At all.
Grab your larger slice of burlap and start accordion folding. Adjust the fanned-out sides to your standards, and hot glue all the folds on both sides.

Remember this guy? Use it to wrap around the center of your bow.

Hot glue everything together, and...

Violà! Your finished product.

Of course, immediately after this picture was taken, the bow started to fall apart and I had to trash it.
It's okay though, because I wasn't too attached to it.

So, instead, I took a scrap piece of burlap and glued it around my Mason jar.

I slapped my initial on it and called it mine. I also turned it into a makeup brush holder. Pictures of that coming soon.

If there were a moral to this story, it'd be not to play with burlap.

Love always, Mary ♡

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