Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Heart Banner DIY (aka - something useful)

Hello there!

Today, I decided to post a DIY on here, because I thought I might as well put something useful on this blog.

Because, contrary to popular thought, I actually do try sometimes.

First of all, you'll need some things (but remember what we learned last time... you also WANT this).

 - pink + red felt (2 pieces each) -
- twine -
- scissors -
- a black sharpie or marker -
- glue gun - 

Using your felt, draw a heart. This one will be your stencil, so you need to make it the size you want.

Cut out your stencil.

{This is when I suggest plugging in your glue gun. I chose to be a dingus and plug it in right when I needed it}

After this, you'll need to start tracing more hearts and cutting them out. I did 13 of each, but your number count doesn't matter. I mean, I doesn't matter to me. Not that you're not important or anything, but... oh well..

After you're done tracing and cutting, it should look a bit like this. If it doesn't, you may have done something wrong. Or you may just be drunk.

This one is easy - cut your desired amount of twine. 

If you followed my instructions, your glue gun should be nice and hot by now.

This part is on the difficult side to explain, so do these pictures count?

Continue doing this until your preferred amount of twine is covered in hearts.

The final product:

I hope this was pretty simple for you. But not if you're drunk. I do not suggest using hot craft tools while drunk.

Until next time!
*tips invisible hat*

Love always, Mary ♡

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