Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Nighttime Photo + A Day Out Of My Comfort Zone

It's been an interesting weekend.

It started out quite humbly, with s'mores and a small photo-op in the backyard. 

I look like an evil gerbil.


Normally, a Saturday in my world would be spent laying on the couch and not going to mini Comic Cons at my local library.

I arrived, and immediately saw every single person dressed up as either a Japanese character or a My Little Pony.

So, I felt uncomfortable taking any pictures. 

But, I was happy to take pictures of a really great Italian Ice establishment.

A comment board at the Con.

Later on, I visited a flea market that looks like it should be a circus.

Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk.

A typical find at a flea market:
a llama fur rug.

Very British.

Go knickknacks!
Also: can you spot the genie?
Another thing: can you spot the Anna?

Just so everyone is aware, I'm back into my comfortable zone/box and I'm not coming out for at least six months.

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